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The Calf Company

The Calf Company is a concept developed out of 4 Mix International, owing to an increasing need for specialised knowledge and care in raising young calves – a key phase in the animal’s lifetime performance. 4 Mix International was founded in 2004 as a micronutrient and feed additive company which predominantly serviced the swine industry but has since broadened to other species including poultry, cattle, sheep, goats and game.

The Calf Company comprises a team of specialists who strive to provide sound advice to farmers and through high-quality, specialised nutrition with a focus on immunity, gut health and growth. In this way, bringing the healthiest heifers into your herd and allowing all animals to reach their genetic potential. In this way, we bring practical knowledge, technical/theoretical knowledge and physical training of staff to ensure that calves being raised are as healthy and well developed as possible.

What we offer

Our training of owners/managers are on the best practices in raising calves and for staff responsible for calf raising operation can do so with a greater confidence.

Our Services

Our range of high-quality products meet all the nutrient requirements for top performing calves (or lambs). These include milk replacers, specialized starter and grower feeds as well as an innovative immune booster.

Our focus

Immunity and immunity starts with Colostrum. We will have your colostrum tested and take samples from your calves and where necessary, implement strategies to ensure your calves get the best possible start.

in addittion

to providing our clients with guidance and the tools to raise calves optimally, we believe in education. We will upskill and train your staff, so they feel empowered to take responsibility and better understand the importance of rearing calves correctly.

Rearing calves has become scientific, technical and focused. For us to deliver specialised nutrition, advice and feeding strategies, we have tried and tested (and continue testing) our calf rearing programs on 500+ calves to date!

Our pillars


Transition cow feeding forms an integral part of our system in ensuring the best possible calf is born on the farm with the best survival chance. Growing healthy and successful calves requires accurate diet formulation with diets that provide the best possible growth in calves. We ensure every calf is receiving the diet that is offered to them.


We create unique, adaptable and proven systems and feeding programs customisable for any farm aimed at providing the best possible results.


As the primary measure of calf performance, it is imperative that calves are growing efficiently. Setting the goals on farm for growth parameters and how we will get to these goals.


Ensuring that all calves receive enough high-quality colostrum to give the best possible start to life. Feeding the calves for improved development of their innate immune system.


Education and upskilling your staff to a position that they understand the importance of why they are doing what they are doing and develop them into people who can run that specific section of your operation with a greater confidence. Combining our experience with your staff’s experience to bring the best solutions out on the farm

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