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The Piglet Company

The Piglet Company is a concept that we at 4Mix International developed to specifically concentrate our focus and efforts on a range of products and supporting services to improve piglet production through to 70 days.

As we visited various clients across the country, we realised that there was one universal part of the production phase that needed more focus, care and attention, and that is the young piglet. We further identified that weaning weight and 70-day weight are two factors that many piggeries struggle with, compounded by the fact that there is no one-product solution to solve the problems. With our portfolio of existing 4Mix products, The Piglet Company was in a prime position to provide a complete feed portfolio and technical support all under one brand. This way, we bring practical, technical & theoretical knowledge to ensure that raised piglets are as healthy and well-developed as possible.

Our pillars


We focus on specialised nutrition for the lactating sow, her piglets and weaners. A sow needs correct feeding to produce enough milk for her piglets without losing too much weight, which could impact her next litter. Piglets, on the other hand, need a strong foundation to kickstart their lives.

Gut development

Gut health is essential for piglets to reach their production potential. A damaged gut starts you on the wrong foot. As the world moves away from antibiotics, gut health is becoming an even more important area to focus on. It is the biggest entry point into the pig’s system.


Immunity is the foundation on which 4Mix is built, now, we approach it from a new angle. Essential oils, probiotics and prebiotics are only a small part of the new technology available to ensure your piglets’ immune system is functioning. This is where TPC has put a lot of research into!


What it all boils down to. The piglets’ performance, in the long run, is the ultimate goal. In the ideal world, we lay a strong foundation in the first few weeks of a piglet’s life. A strong foundation will mean that pigs keep performing as they mature to growers and then to finishers, producing the ideal slaughtering pig.

What we offer

With the ever-increasing efficiencies required to meet the need for food security on a global scale, our aim is to equip the South African producer with the tools required to meet these demands.

Our research

Growing piglets has become scientific, technical and focused. For us to deliver specialised nutrition, advice and feeding strategies, we have tried and tested (and continue testing) our product range. Our products are backed by international and local research. Local trials have been done on our clients’ farms to ensure that they are fit for local conditions. As we looked at various farms across the country, we realised that there was one universal production phase that needed more attention, and that is the young piglet. What we saw is that weaning weight and 70-day weight are two factors that many piggeries struggle with.

As a company, we are doing ongoing research on sow colostrum. Colostrum quality gives an indication of a sow’s production as well as how the piglets will grow before weaning. This is the crux of the sow’s purpose and the foundation of a piglet’s life. This research has allowed us to focus our products specifically on improving sow production and to optimally grow healthy piglets.

It is our mission that, with every customer, we share in each other’s responsibility in order to determine the ideal solutions needed to achieve maximum results. In collaboration with farm managers, nutritionists and veterinarians, we aim to determine the best course of action to address weaning and 70-day weight. The Piglet Company products are specifically designed for South African farms, helping improve these important production parameters.

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